About Us

Astute Property Management was founded in 2015 by Steve Brooks and James Cooney. They felt a need for a specialised property management company that would provide clients with a service level that exceeded the standard property managers and real estate agents whose main focus is achieving sales, this is because James and Steve have reasonable portfolios themselves and want the same care taken for their clients properties as they would expect for their own

Having both built large property portfolios over the years they have seen many different property management companies and have been left feeling that they could do a better a job.


Steve’s background started when he was only 14 when he qualified as New Zealand’s youngest Real Estate Agent. He sold many properties and started attending property seminars and reading educational property investment books. At the old age of 16 Steve purchased his first investment property (which he still owns today). Since then he has done a number of property related ventures from renovating and selling tired properties, building houses and blocks of units, trading properties, commercial property investment and purchasing damaged houses. Steve has also started and owns a number businesses in tax refunds, hire equipment, new home building, beauty therapy.

James’s background in property started in 2009 when he completed his Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property Valuation and Property Management (Bcom Vpm) where he went on to start his career in Commercial Real Estate at Simes, now known as KnightFrank. James spent 6 years at KnightFrank where he was in the top 5 commercial agents in New Zealand for two years running. His specialty was industrial unit developments where he sold over 40 million dollars of real estate in less than 18 months. Over the past two years James has been involved in over 50 trades of residential property and has successfully completed and sold 5 small residential developments. In that time James has also acquired a portfolio of 10 investment properties. Which has helped lead to the incorporation of Astute Property Management.


Astute Property Management offers a residential investment property management service to our landlords and tenants including collections and distribution of rent, finding and screening tenants, property maintenance, tribunal hearings, inspections and providing benefits (for our landlords) all on top of the exceptional customer service.